Medical center speaks out after wait-listing veterans

Medical center speaks out after wait listing veterans

A number of factors resulted in delayed cancer screenings for veterans, Charlie Norwood VA Hospital officials said in a press conference Thursday afternoon.

"I would say that we all take some responsibility in that area and I will say that there has been some administrative action taken, however, I am not at liberty to share at this time," said Robert Hamilton, Director of Charlie Norwood.

While officials wouldn't say if anyone had been fired because of this, the hospital was transparent in highlighting the number of patients they felt the could have better served.

"Of all the records we've examined, we've identified seven that we felt we've needed to do better with their care," Hamilton said.

We have learned that of the seven, three veterans died because of this backlog.

"We offer our sincerest condolences to veterans who have been affected by delays in GI care and the families who have lost a loved one," Hamilton read in a statement before taking questions from the media.

They don't just blame individuals but a plethora of other reasons for the delays.

"It wasn't just doctors," said Dr. Michael Spencer, the Chief of Staff for the hospital. "It was space, equipment and support staff and all those were added to work through that and make sure we had timely care."

The hospital admitted to making a few errors in the previous year but they assure all veterans who check in at Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center, these extensive delays are not going to happen anymore.

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