Aiken man willingly sleeps outside

Aiken man sleeps outside

An Aiken man has been willingly sleeping outside since Monday night.

With only a small fire to keep him warm at night, Reverend Rob Lane has been camped outside next to the Mount Salem Soup Kitchen on the outskirts of Graniteville. Lane wants people to know about the homeless problem in the CSRA.

"When there is no awareness, out of sight, out of mind. There's no help," Lane stated.

He has been sleeping outside since Monday. He says that there's a homeless problem in the CSRA, and no one's doing anything about it.

With the holidays right around the corner, soup kitchens and shelters fill to capacity with people who need food and a roof over their head. Lane says donations pour in this time of year, but he says that this problem exists outside of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

"This time of year we get busier because of what's coming up; Thanksgiving, Christmas, the new year. That's the biggest attention this type of ministry gets. I want to create the awareness all through the year so that people that are in that situation get the help that they need, " said Lane.

He admits that this issues hits home. He's been homeless, so he knows the agony.

"I know what its like. I know the pain. I know their sense of loss and um I'll never forget those years."

He says his days of sleeping in the cold is almost over, but if he had to do it again to help just one person who's homeless, he'd do it in a heartbeat.

"You always have homeless people. You always have needy people. And it's our society. We need help taking care of it. I haven't been home in four days, but this is great," said Lane.

His last night sleeping outside is Friday, November 22, but he said he'll continue to promote homeless awareness. To donate to the Mount Salem Soup Kitchen or shelter, contact Mount Salem Ministries.

Mount Salem Ministries: (803) 593-2276