Residents want litter problem addressed in Harrisburg

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - "There are a lot of grassroots efforts we can make on our own without waiting on a corporation," said Joyce Law.

She's with the Harrisburg-West End Neighborhood Association, and made her case today before Augusta-Richmond County commissioners about cleaning up the litter in her neck of the woods.

"And we already have policies in place, ordinances that are in place, and we would just like to have those enforced," Law said.

Commissioners agreed that the rubbish thrown through Harrisburg is something they intend to make a priority.

"Of course we call ourselves the garden city," chuckled Commissioner Alvin Mason. "And in order to ensure that name matches the city, we've got a lot of work to do."

Law said the litter problem extends outside her neighborhood, too.

"Everyone needs to be more mindful of what they can do, in order to help these areas," Law said. "It doesn't matter whether you live on the hill, Summerville, or out further in the county, this is a countywide issue."

And she said she hopes to have a renewed cleanup effort up and running very soon.

"I believe in front door. I keep my front door clean, and I am the model for the rest of the neighborhood. And I'm happy to help."

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