Four teens arrested for fighting in school

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WFXG) - Four North Augusta High School teens were arrested this morning after a fight broke out on school grounds, police said.

"This morning we were alerted by radio from our school resource officer at the high school that there was a fight, in progress, of the cafeteria," said Lt. Tim Thorton with North Augusta Public Safety.

The call came in shortly after 11 a.m.

"Our school resource officer, along with school faculty and staff and publicly safety officers arrived on the scene to find four people involved in the fight," Thorton said.

Two of the teens, Tramenka Mayes, 18, and Tyrone Millerwere, 17, were taken into custody because of their ages but the other two were released to their parents.

"These are teenagers," Lt. Thorton said. "All of them are teenagers. These individuals are related by blood. A brother and a sister and a brother and a sister."

Authorities said this all began on social media last weekend.

"The fight started verbally over the weekend, with some trash talking on twitter," said Thorton. "There were also some cell phone calls thrown in and apparently it rolled over in the school house."

While Augusta Public Safety couldn't comment on if the students would remain in school, they did say the school was looking into it.

"I know that the school is looking into it themselves and the students, I anticipate, will be facing their own kind of discipline, through the school system."

No one was injured during the fight.

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