Mother searches for answers, medical help for daughter behind bars


Ruby Anderson's daughter Lamaria Carter is at the Webster Detention Center serving a year behind bars.

Before she was sentenced, Carter had to be cut out of her car after a bad wreck. Anderson said she has had back problems ever since and it is on file with the jail.

Still, Anderson said sometime in the six months Carter has been there, she was told by a guard that she must sleep on the top bunk in her cell, even while her roommate was ok with letting her take the bottom.

Anderson said she started asking more questions when Carter fell out of the top bunk one night and was injured.

Fox 54 contacted the detention center and found out inmates are assigned bunks through a computer system. Officials said that system isn't easy to change, but can be if there is a medical need.

They tell us Carter was officially moved to the bottom bunk Monday, November 18th and is getting medical treatment.

Anderson said, "I feel great. That's all I was asking for, was for her to be moved to the bottom bunk and to get medical treatment."

It was June 2013, when Lamaria Carter was driving to work. Carter got into an accident and never maded it.

Tia Utley, Carter's sister, said, "It was a bad wreck. They literally had to cut her out of the car."

Carter's family said she walked away, lucky to be alive. But her back was never the same.

Utley said, "She was in a lot of pain. The meds weren't working. They were suggesting she might need to go see a pain specialist."

But Carter didn't head to physical therapy. Instead she was sentenced three weeks later on a 2010 charge, for group fighting and went to the Webster Detention Center.

Carter's mother Ruby Anderson said, "They have a profile about her back. The file says she has back problems and she was on medication. She can't stand for long periods of time."

That's a profile Anderson said has been ignored. She said its nearly been six months of asking for help, and she still has no answers, even from a nurse associated with the detention center.

Anderson said, "I spoke with her over the phone and saw her in person. Her words to me were that they were going to get with my daughter and see what they can do. She hasn't said one word to her."

No calls were returned to Fox 54, either. The detention center said quote, "no comment."

Anderson said Carter's cell mate has been helpful. She offered to sleep on the bottom bunk, but a guard refused and forced Carter to take the top bunk.

Anderson said,"The jailer, one day she just came in and told her[Carter] she would get in the top bunk. Later, she was trying to get down to the go to the restroom and she fell. Now she has a knot in her back."

But for Anderson, the knot is in her throat, over what could happened next to her daughter.

Anderson said, "I go out there to see her and talk to her. It bothers me so bad, because they won't give her treatment. Just let a doctor see her, that's all I'm asking."

Carter's family says her roommate has reached out to them in a letter, asking for her own medical help. Carter is set to be released sometime next month.