400 people chase Santa Clause for a good cause

People gathered at the Lights of the South in Grovetown for the 2nd annual Great Santa Chase to raise money for military families at Fort Gordon.

Runners said it's a great way to give back to the people who protect us every day.

About 400 people dressed up in Christmas gear and ran in a 5k race to support the Fort Gordon Christmas House. The Christmas House gives some holiday help to service members and their families who are having financial hardships. Christina Rendas is running tonight, and she said we don't do enough to support our troops.

"Our soldiers do so much for us and I don't feel like we don't do enough to help them, so this is good," Rendas said as she prepared for the race.

Rendas said she also came out to support her dad, who is also a soldier.

"My dad has been running a lot, and so I wanted to do something to be with him, so this is like a family event. So we decided to get dressed up and have a good time," Rendas said.

Kids ran one mile through Candyland and the Christmas Maze while the adults ran a little more than three miles. Schweier said as a soldier, he's glad to see all the support they're getting from the community.

"This is a good cause. I like it, and it's what we should do. Soldiers don't get the respect and the help that they need sometimes and this is what I think what needs to happen," Schweier said

Today's race raised more than five thousand dollars.  Fort Gordon's Christmas House is still taking financial and toy donations. To donate to the organization call (706) 791-3579 or visit their website at http://gordon.army.mil/acs/