James Brown Arena celebrates 'Christmas Made in the South'

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Debra Farley came to 'Christmas Made in the South' to sell her jewelry. But she was doing something else, too.

Farley said, "We're getting a lot of inquiries about doing Christmas orders for Christmas gifts."

Farley said she didn't realize it before now, but she's getting people to think about giving; what the season is really all about.

Farley said, "It actually gives me chill bumps. I think it's exciting when people are in that mood of giving."

'Christmas' will be at the James Brown Arena until November 17th. Crafts, vendors and one-of-a-kind food are bringing people out from all over.

Vendor Katie O'Hara said, "We're selling soups and dips. We come out every year for Christmas Made in the South. It's different and unique."

Farley said 'unique' is what she wanted the trade show to bring her customers.

Sunday will be the last day for the show. Officials said, if you already paid admission, you're good to come back again; just show your hand stamp at the door.