Richmond County Sheriff's Department gets to know the community

RCSO town hall meeting

The Richmond County Sheriff's Department opened up to the community Thursday night in a town hall meeting.

Sheriff Richard Roundtree spoke to residents in the CSRA about what the department is doing to minimize crime.

He spoke about the importance of reporting all crimes, no matter how small, because it improves the effectiveness of their studies. He says that if they know where crimes are most likely to happen, deputies can be placed there to thwart criminal activity.

Deputies were also given the chance to talk to residents in the CSRA about problems in their neighborhoods. Members in the community took advantage of the meet and greet. They said getting to know the deputies makes the community safer.

"We take advantage of meeting the officers on our beat just so we would know more about them and they would know more about our property and where we live," said Kenneth Kitchen.

"I try to keep up with things in the neighborhood and it always upsets me because I've been there since 1974 and things are just not getting any better...and I'm hoping the sheriff's department will keep up the good work," said Jeanie Stewart.

He said that if you live in Augusta, most likely there are gangs in your neighborhood. He noted that the sheriff's department is currently monitoring 26 gangs in the area.

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