"Common App" glitches worry students

"Common App" glitches worry students

Nearly 500 colleges rely on the Common Application, commonly know as the "Common App" but a recent update has brought about some major glitches, causing some students to miss deadlines.

Augusta Prep senior Spencer King has his eyes set on college.

"It's stressful because applying to college takes up a lot of time," King said.

To add to that stress, he's had a few issues with the Common Application, commonly known as the "Common App." It's a program nearly 500 colleges use to receive applications.

"My school uses Naviance, which is a database you can submit transcripts and teacher recommendations and the night I went to sync my Naviance and Common App, my Naviance account said my common app didn't exist," King said.

King wasn't the only Augusta Prep senior who has had problems with the program.

"When I was submitting my college applications there was some problems submitting PDF files and sending confirmation emails," said Tyree Cowell. "Sometimes they didn't get through."

And as most high school seniors would do

"I was freaking out; that it wasn't going to get sent and I wasn't going to get into college," Cowell said.

"I freaked out a little bit," said King.

Laura Johnson, Director of College Counseling at Augusta Prep said this year's common app has caused many problems for the soon-to-be college freshmen.

"Students have experienced shutdowns of the common app system, inability to log-in to add to their applications or just to work on the whole process," Johnson said.

But there may actually be a culprit.

"This is the first year that I've had any trouble with the common app and I think it's because they did a major update over the summer," said Johnson. "They have said they did not organize their update as well as they should have."

Johnson said if you are experiencing problems, don't panic. Just be patient, apply early and don't be afraid to contact the colleges directly.

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