USC Aiken helps veterans succeed

USC Aiken helps veterans succeed

For some veterans, getting into college can be a challenge but an organization at USC Aiken is hoping to make that a thing of the past.

The Veteran and Military Student Success Center at USC Aiken has only been open for 8 months but veterans say it's already been helping to make the transition between military life and student life more smoothly.

When asked why he joined the military after high school, Gary Corey, a student at USC Aiken, said he always knew he would.

"It's just something I've always wanted to do," Corey said. "I've always seen myself being in the service, specifically the Marines."

Corey, a sophomore studying mechanical engineering, served in the Marines for 8 years.

"I liked it. I made a lot of friends," said Corey. "People I will never forget."

But when it came time to enter college, he had a bit of trouble.

"The process of getting out of the military is a complicated one. You're picking up your life and moving it to another location, in a lot of cases. There's a lot of paperwork and red tape to get around," Corey said.

Corey credits the Veterans Student Success Center on campus for helping him make that process a little easier.

"It's just helping veterans make that transition from military life into student life and then into civilian life," said Harry Marshall, a USC Aiken student at the community outreach coordinator for the center.

In a small space, housed in the USC Aiken library, the center is helping nearly 1,000 veterans make such transition by offering various types of support.

"This center basically negates that difficulty and allows us to transition smoothly and give us support as far as tutoring and scholarships and all kinds of helpful benefits we need in college," Marshall said.

But Corey says it's not just simply the resources that make this center great.

"There's a big difference between veterans and civilians. Not to say that we're different, we've just had different experiences and it's nice to be able to share those experiences and lessons learned with each other," Corey said.

Marshall said the Veteran and Military Student Success Center at USC Aiken is a small non-profit and they are always looking for support. If you would like to help in any way visit their web site:

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