'Hiring our Heroes' job fair kicks off at Savannah Rapids Pavilion

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Veterans, active duty and military spouses were all invited to the Savannah Rapids Pavilion Tuesday for the 2013 'Hiring our Heroes' job fair. Bank of America, the Richmond County School District and many other civilian employers were on hand, ready to hire.

It was an especially busy day for Ellie Perry, a Bank of America Associate, who wanted veterans to join her team.

But Perry wasn't just a potential employer. She made the transition from military life to the civilian world and knows it isn't easy.

Perry said, "My husband served 13 years in the army. He was recently medically retired and was looking for work as well for about four months."

Perry said the four months were nerve racking, but she says it was short compared to how long too many other vets have had to wait.

"Today we're looking for positions. Whether they're in our banking centers or somewhere else, we have positions all over the world. Anybody who wants to talk to us can."

Veterans, active duty soldiers and military spouses were all welcome to sign up for the job fair. Officials said over 150 job seekers registered.

Chamber of Commerce Representative Ernie Lombardi said, "We're looking at minimally 150 jobs today."

Some jobs Lombardi said employers could fill on the spot, while others would require training.

Veteran's like Timothy Jackson say he has the training; 20 years of communication work in the military. But he's worried about the transition into the civilian world.

"It's hard to get back into a normal job. But with all the employers in one place, it's easy to go from station to station."