Local veteran reflects on day of remembrance

Local veteran reflects on day of remembrance

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Wayne Brown's Air Force career took him from the Gulf Coast of America, all the way to Europe. He spent eight years in service to our country.

"Lot of sacrifices for family time when you're in the military," he explained.

Brown said he's grateful for all Americans who take part in Veterans Day to celebrate military service.

"We are where we are today with our freedoms because of the military and our veterans," said Brown. "It's not just the government that has helped shape our country."

He said the best way for servicemember's families to cope with their loved one being deployed is to befriend others just like them.

"We create bonds that last until today," said Brown. "I mean, I've been out of the military for 30 years now and still have a lot of close ties to the people we've met."

And Brown has this message for anyone on the fence about enlisting:

"You learn a lot of discipline and motivation," he explained. "And I encourage anyone who is thinking about it to serve."