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Earlington residents concerned after police chief suddenly laid off

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Some concerns were raised on Monday night by people in Earlington, Kentucky, after the town's one and only police officer was suddenly laid off. 

For some it's hard to imagine a town without any police officers, but that's now the case in Earlington and it has some residents worried about what would happen if they need to call 911.

"How long is it going to take for somebody to get here?" asked resident Deanna Brewster.

Brewster is worried that if she needs to dial 911, the good guys might be too far away. That's because Chris Proctor, Earlington's one and only police officer, was laid off by Mayor Michael Sieber.  

Siber says the town will now be covered by either the Hopkins County Sheriff's Office or Kentucky State Police. But Brewster fears the mayor's attempt at cutting costs could come at a cost to residents.

"I've called before when Proctor wasn't on duty and it's taken 45 minutes to an hour for an officer to show up at my home when a man kicked in my door, proceeded to try to whoop somebody in my house, and they still wouldn't take him to jail because it was out of their jurisdiction," Brewster said.

State troopers admit response times to emergency calls will all depend on when those calls are made.

"If their officer wasn't on duty, the response time probably wouldn't change much, so it's a hard question to ask. It's just a matter of when the calls are coming in," said Sgt. Dean Patterson with KSP. 

"We need to have somebody that we can call that's right here," Brewster said.

Some residents tell 14 News that they won't rest easy until this spot here outside of city hall downtown is filled once again.  

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