Mom banned from school sues

MCBEAN, GA (WFXG) - Tanya Mount said she has been banned from entering McBean Elementary School, where her child attends, after she posted her permit to carry a concealed-weapon on her facebook page.

"She had posted on her personal facebook account an image of her Georgia Weapons Carry License," said John Monroe, Mount's attorney. "Primarily because she comes from New Jersey where it's difficult to get a licence to carry a fire arm and she wanted to show her friends in New Jersey that in Georgia it's not so difficult to get one and that people actually do get licenses and do carry fire arms."

Monroe said Mount does not actually have a gun but they believe her post caused the school to issue the band.

"They told her because she served in the armed forces and she posted her license on facebook."

The school board wasn't available for comment but they did release this statement.

"In this instance, a parent who was also a volunteer on occasion at McBean Elementary School, was observed several times wandering the halls of the school, making unauthorized visits and being in unauthorized places."

But Mount said she was targeted by the school. Her daughter has since transferred to another school but her attorney says they are suing because the school violated Mount's 14th Amendment rights including right to free speech and threatening her with arrest if she entered McBeam school property.

"We're looking for a court order to stop the school from arresting her; to undo the criminal trespass warning and to allow her daughter to go back to McBean where she used to. Basically restore her to the status quo," Monroe said.