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Man shot with own gun in Golden Nugget shooting

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A man shot this morning outside the Golden Nugget Bar was shot by his own gun, police say.

Tucson Police say the man was shot in the head, but the bullet didn't penetrate his skull. It happened around 2 a.m. Thursday in the area near 2617 North First Avenue, close to East Glenn Street.

His injuries are not life threatening, police say.

It's unclear if the man accidentally shot himself or if two people he was fighting with grabbed the gun and shot him.

Two men were seen fleeing the area just moments after shots were heard.

Tucson Police Sgt. Steve Wheeler spoke Thursday about the investigation.

"We know that there was possibly two other people in the parking lot when it happened, possibly suspects. We have no description on them whatsoever, except possibly two males, medium to dark-skinned."

One of the bullets pierced the window of a nearby furniture store and was found inside. 

Nobody else was hurt in the incident.  Police say the victim had been drinking at the bar earlier in the evening and was asked to leave minutes before the shooting.

"We had an incident where a gentleman was escorted out of the bar," Wheeler said.  "And about 20 minutes later, some patrons heard a gunshot and then found the guy that had been earlier removed from the bar bleeding from the head."

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