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Police: 'Violent' kidnapping at Greenwood McDonald's is hoax

The McDonald's in Greenwood where the fake kidnapping took place. (Nov. 6, 2013/FOX Carolina) The McDonald's in Greenwood where the fake kidnapping took place. (Nov. 6, 2013/FOX Carolina)
GREENWOOD, SC (FOX Carolina) -

What was described as a violent kidnapping at a Greenwood McDonald's on Monday turned out to be a hoax, according to Greenwood police.

Capt. Nick Futch said officers were called to the McDonalds at 1204 S. Main St. before midnight, where there was believed to be a kidnapping.

According to the police report, a young man went to the counter and said, "I don't want you to take my order." Then he punched a person in the head who was sitting in a booth.

Witnesses said the victim lost consciousness and was dragged out of the booth by his feet. The suspect then lifted the man over his shoulder and carried him out of the restaurant, the report said.

Katravia Brown was one of those witnesses. She works at the McDonalds, and she said that she and her co-workers called 911 after the men left the restaurant.

"I heard the pop and that's when I turned around and I saw him grab him by his ankle and pulled him off the booth! Off the chair," Brown said. "And he hit the floor and hit his head, and that's when he slung him over his right shoulder and ran out the door and put him in the car and drove off! He drove off fast too."

Police said it's because of their description of the car and license tag that they were able to find the men involved. Several hours after the reported kidnapping, police located the car used in the incident parked at a home, they said.

"After talking with the witnesses it definitely sounded like a legitimate kidnapping," said Futch.

But when officers interviewed three people at the house, they told police the incident was staged, including the victim, according to Futch. He said when they spoke with the men, they said they all knew it was going to take place.

"When they saw the response that we had to the scene, I think that they were somewhat remorseful for what they had done," Futch said.

Futch said investigators are looking into possibly charging the people involved in the hoax.

"An incident occurs that results in a waste of man power that could've been used elsewhere, we certainly take it seriously," Futch said.

He said none of the people involved in the hoax worked at McDonald's. He also said the scene of panic at the restaurant shut it down on Monday night for a few hours.

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