Questions continue in CSRA about the Affordable Care Act

ACA questions continue in the CSRA

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - For Kendra Thompson, graduation day is getting close and she's busy looking for a job, especially one that will offer her health insurance.

"I was under my father's insurance, but at the moment, I don't have any health insurance," Thompson said.

But under the Affordable Healthcare Act, Thompson can't wait until she gets a job; the ACA says she has to be covered now.

So Rural Health Services West Inc. is helping her out.

"We talked about the different levels, which would  fit my income and what I would be able to afford - the Bronze and the Silver," Thompson said.

There are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum - four levels for four different kinds of medical needs. Outreach and enrollment coordinator at Rural Health Services Anne Fulcher said many people have questions, just like Thompson.

"The Bronze plan is for you if you're young, healthy and don't go to the doctor much. But a baby boomer who might have health issues is recommended to go with the gold or platinum range. The higher the plan, the higher the premium."

Fulcher said there's fine print, and many people who had insurance are now finding out their plans are canceled because they didn't match up with the law anymore.

"There's concern about insurance being dropped," Fulcher said. "Insurance companies decide, 'we don't want to be responsible for health insurance anymore and certain companies decide to stop providing health insurance'."

She said every situation is different. Some people have a plan that isn't changing, whether that's an employer-based plan or a private plan.

For Thomson and so many others, plans are up in the air. But she said she's just happy she'll have coverage.

Under the health insurance program, it's mandatory for everyone to have health insurance or pay a fine. The penalty is based on income.

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