Richmond County deputies face challenges while on patrol

Richmond County deputies face challenges while on patrol

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Almost 53,000 assaults on officers occurred nationwide in 2012 according to recently released data by the FBI, and the CSRA is no stranger to this.

"It's a constant stressor because officers are always in danger when they go to work," said Lt. Calvin Chew, with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

The FBI said Richmond County averaged 542 reports of deputy assaults annually over the past three years. Even though that number seems high, Lt. Calvin Chew said it's the norm for an agency of this size.

"Because we're one of the biggest agencies in the CSRA, yes, we're going to have a lot more than Columbia County," he explained. "Or Burke County or even North Augusta."

But Chew said one recently acquired tool has not only helped deputies, it's keeping citizens safe too.

"The majority of incidents we're having with the public, whether fighting or what have you have dropped tremendously and that's because of tasers," said Chew.

And even though he said deputies don't want to have to use tasers, they're a critical device he said will eventually be equipped on all deputies.

"That is in the works," said Chew. "It's just a budget situation. But the Sheriff wants to equip all his deputies out in the field with tasers, so hopefully that will come."