One man hospitalized after shooting in Wagener

A Wagener woman said she was startled when multiple people tried to enter her house Sunday night.

"Last night, I had 2 people in 2 cars come to my house," the woman who didn't want to be identified said. "They were looking for someone that doesn't live with me. I live by myself. They were trying to get inside of my house."

She said some of the men that surrounded her house were armed.

"I was at the front door of my house and one of the people went to the backdoor of my house and opened the door to go into my house and whoever was inside of my house shot them."

According to an incident report with the Aiken County's Sheriff's Office, a man was shot in the foot after arguing over money and rushed to Georgia Regents Medical Center. The home owner said she wasn't sure what the scuffle was about.

"All I know is I heard a gun fired. I didn't know what was going on and when the gun was fired, that's when I got on the phone and called the police."

She did admit to knowing who paid her a visit last night but while she may be well acquainted with them, the homeowner said she now questions her safety.

"I can't even stay here by myself now. I can't even have my kids around my house because I'm afraid of someone doing something again. So no, I don't feel safe at all."