Owner faces possible closure of LGBTQ club

Owner faces possible closure of LGBTQ club

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Timothy Lowery is fuming over the latest setback for the bar he owns and operates: Club Skittlez.

"We're not going to give up the fight for the African American gay community in Augusta," said Lowery.

It's been a rough year for the club. First, allegations of a minor dancing naked with a male performer got his license suspended for 90 days by Richmond County commissioners. Now, reports another minor was in the club has his license in jeopardy again.

"If I was caught with underage drinking, I wouldn't even be fighting it," explained Lowery "Even just one case. But that's not the case. I never had underage drinking."

Lowery said the minor was in his club, drinking water, because he didn't feel safe waiting out in the parking lot while his of-age friends danced inside. He says the reaction to his two violations has surprised him because other clubs have dozens, even hundreds of violations, and he has no history of any violence.

"They're not a point of a mother losing her child, a shooting, or underage drinking," he said, referring to the violations.

Lowery said he's talking about incidents like the ones that happened at Club Pure Platinum, where an Augusta man was killed earlier this year. That club remains open, but the city Public Services Committee voted to shut Lowery down on Monday.

Now, Lowery fears the final vote on Tuesday could be the nail in the coffin.