Trick-or-treating at the Children's Hospital of Georgia

Trick-or-treating at the Children's Hospital of Georgia

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Imagine being in the hospital for treatment, and not being able to trick-or-treat on Halloween. That's the reality for some children. But Georgia Regents Medical Center is bringing the experience right to the patients.

"It's a great way for the kids to participate in Halloween," said Kim Jaeger. "Child life provides the kids with costumes."

The 21-year veteran staff nurse has donned a costume for three years now, passing out candy, and helping bring the Halloween experience to children who can't be home. This year, her costume means a lot to her.

"I am dressed up as one of my favorite patients," she explained. "I knew I would be taking care of him today, so this was an easy costume for me."

It's not just Jaeger that gets to dress up. Even parents are getting in on the fun!

Crystal Holmes says,
"Trick or treating with the kids, doing something fun," said Crystal Holmes. "A fun event we do almost every year with Ms. Kim since we've been here in this hospital."

Holmes takes her son to the hospital for treatment. Fortunately, he's now in remission, but she said the experience keeps their minds off of sickness and on better things.

"It just takes your mind off things like getting treatment here," Holmes explained. "It lets them know it's okay to have fun. It also lets you know everybody here cares about them. It makes them feel welcome."

Jaeger and Holmes both hope the trick or treat continues for many years to come.

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