Seasonal hiring in the CSRA

Seasonal hiring in the CSRA

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Black Friday is just a few weeks away and businesses in the CSRA are hiring more people to get ready for the holiday season.

The Georgia Department of Labor says that jobs are going fast and if you want seasonal employment, start looking now.

Bobby Danzie, former Marine and United States veteran, just moved to the CSRA and is looking for temporary employment.

"I'm looking to start a new career teaching. In the interim, while I'm getting my certificates, I'm looking for seasonal work. I would not mind working with Sears, or Macys or anything like that," Danzie said.

He came at the perfect time. The National Federation of Retail says that companies are expected to add up to 720,000 seasonal jobs to the economy during the holidays. Staffing Specialist Isaac Kelly said this area is a great place to look for interim positions.

"Our local community here has a large makeup of seasonal work, but it's not only retail, you also have a lot of distribution companies who get really busy this time of year, as well as manufacturing, production and assembly lines that produce products that are higher in sales this time of year," Kelly said.

Large corporations like Target and Wal-Mart are adding tens of thousands of employees to their workforce to handle the expected increase in holiday spending. Kelly says that there are ways to become more marketable to hiring companies.

"The more available you are, the more flexible you are, the better it is that you're going to get hired for that job," Kelly said.

If you do get a job, Kelly says that there is a one in five chances that the company will keep you after the holidays.

"Don't treat it like a seasonal job. Treat is just like it's any other job. Give it one-hundred and ten percent, always show up on time."

Danzie says he's willing to give that one-hundred and ten percent, and he's hopeful that he'll get a job soon.

"I'm feeling really good. The department of labor in Georgia has been very helpful," Danzie said.

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