Martinez BI-LO issues food recall

Martinez BI-LO issues food recall

MARTINEZ, GA (WFXG) - Officials with the BI-LO on Fury's Ferry Road in Martinez say they sold a salad mix for nine days that may be contaminated with bacteria that can cause serious health issues.

The product in question is a spinach antipasti salad by Taylor Farms.

Health officials learned the salad mix may cause food poisoning after it had been on the shelves between October 19 and October 27.

Authorities linked the salad to a massive food recall of Reser's Fine Foods products this week. Officials are concerned the food is tainted with bacteria that lead to listeriosis.

Health experts say children, elderly people and pregnant women are most susceptible to the bacteria which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections.

Trent Smith and his wife shop at the BI-LO and he says he's sure his wife bought a salad mix here this week, so he's going to check and see if it's the recalled product.

"It's surprising, kind of scary too because there's no telling what you're buying," he said.

The Martinez BI-LO is the only BI-LO in the CSRA affected by the recall. They're offering a full refund to anyone who bought the salad mix.

BI-LO hasn't received any reports of health issues from their customers so far.

Officials haven't said how many people may have purchased the product.

For a list of the symptoms caused by listeriosis, visit: