9th annual 'Marine Tribute to the Fallen' begins on Fort Gordon

9th annual Marine Tribute to the Fallen begins on Fort Gordon

FORT GORDON, GA (WFXG) - For Staff Sgt. Joseph Leugers, a three mile run was no big deal, until he ran in the Marine Tribute to the Fallen run for two friends he will never forget.

"One them is Corporal Leon. During our first tour in Iraq, he got shot by a sniper round while we were doing combat patrols in an urban area. Captain Frank is another one. He got shot by someone dressed as Iraqi Army in the back."

His friends are two of fifteen hundred fallen Marines and Sailors, honored for 10 days and nights by comrades who will each run a three mile lap around Barton Field.

Captain Dallas Butler, Commanding Officer of the Marine Core Detachment at Fort Gordon said their pictures will be up as runners pass, with a brief summary of their life and what happened to them.

Marines said that drives the reminder home, of what these service members sacrificed for their country.

Staff Sgt. Leugers said, "At first you watch people run and that's all it is-running. But when it's your turn and it's quiet at night, you remember.

Marines, Sailors, supporting Fort Gordon military units and Commanders will finish the last lap 7A.M. Thursday, November 7th.