Temp employee steals over $85K from the city

Temp employee steals over $85K from the city

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - "She seemed like a good person. She seemed like, at the time that I knew her, to be doing a good job," said Tom Wiedmeier, director of Augusta Utilities Department about Terrilyn Brown.

Brown, 50, is accused of embezzling nearly $86,000 from the city.

"She was reporting to a consultant that was working for Augusta Utilities Department. They were supervising her work but utilities were paying her," Wiedmeier said.

Brown was hired through Augusta staffing to work during the construction of the Meserly Plant but when the project was finished in 2011, she found a way to continue receiving pay.

"She continued to send in time sheets to Augusta Staffing and she was included on the invoices we would get," Wiedmeier said.

Wiedmeier also said they've hired a number of temp employees through Augusta Staffing but this incident was unexpected.

"I looked into the status of our other temporary staff and my assistant was keeping excellent records. She knew where everybody was and had great records. So, I'm comfortable that this could not happen again."

But Wiedmeier says they are taking extra precaution, just in case.

"She is now receiving copies of all the invoices and reviewing instead of it just going to our accounting staff."

The Augusta Utilities Department said they will be able to retrieve some of the money they lost because Augusta Staffing has insurance.

Brown has been released on bond.