SRS deer hunt reinstated

SRS deer hunt reinstated

"The deer hunt is very important to the Savannah River Site, in several ways," said Geoffrey Reynolds, a site manager at SRS.

So there is no surprise that the SRS is excited that its annual deer hunt is continuing.

"We're really proud of what we do for the deer hunt. Folks who are looking for their hunting experience and like to hunt we offer that for them," Reynolds said.

The hunt, which spans over 150,000 acres, was threatened by the recent government shutdown.

"It wasn't good. We had already went out to the deer hunters and the dog teams and asked them to participate. Several of them already sent in money for it. So we wanted to make sure we did that hunt," Reynolds said.

But now those funds have returned.

"We are putting the deer hunt back on because those appropriates are available to the site."

But the SRS says hunting deer isn't just for sport. It's for safety.

"We look at the deer, animal, vehicle impact, doing the deer hunt would reduce those impacts for us. As well as it helps those that like to deer hunt."

And there will be two events for the different types of hunters.

The primary hunts will be on December 20th and 21st. For the Wounded Warriors and mobility impaired, the hunts will be on December 6th and 7th.

"Those folks who still have a love for hunting but want to go out with a wheelchair and they need some extra help, we'll take those folks out, stand them in a standard position for stance - to be able to hunt at the site," Reynolds said.