Tony Howard's birthday bash promotes smoke free environments

The Breath Easy Augusta Coalition partnered with Tony Howard to host his second annual birthday bash supporting the smoke free campaign.

The coalition has been fighting hard for tougher smoke ordinances in the city of Augusta. While some folks skated, others were handing out information about second hand smoke. The information listed what smoking can cause, including cancer and infertility.

Right now in Augusta, a state law prohibits smoking in restaurants and places that admit anyone under the age of 18. Last year, an ordinance that would have included bars was shot down by the commission. Christine O'meara, Director of Cancer information awareness at Georgia Regents University's Cancer Center, was very clear about what she wanted from city officials.

"I think that any elected officials in Augusta put the, health and well being of citizens first and I want to see them support creating ordinances and legislation that promotes smoke free environments for all employees," said O'meara.

Commissioners will get another chance to review the current smoking laws during the committee meeting tomorrow.