Western Carolina State Fair stresses safety in final days

Western Carolina State Fair stresses safety in final days

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - "We strive to make sure everybody has a safe experience at the fair," said Doug Wolf, one of the fair's directors.

Friday was the second to last night of the Western Carolina Fair, and Wolf is making sure it continues to be a fun experience for everyone.

Five people were injured Thursday night at the North Carolina State Fair when investigators said a ride called the Vortex malfunctioned. But, Wolf said that shouldn't concern fair goers in the CSRA.

"We do not have the same ride that fair had the incident on," said Wolf.

Even so, he said every precaution is taken to make sure the other rides operate as they should.

"Our rides are all inspected by national ride inspectors, prior to anyone getting on them," Wolf added.

They're also making sure people aren't getting into areas they shouldn't be.

"It's all fenced off," said Wolf. "And we have actual board members that are roving, and they are in communication with the ride company at all times."

Most of the attendees I spoke to had heard about the North Carolina incident, but that's not stopping the fun for them.

Others I talked to say the cold weather has them more concerned.

And no matter what you choose to do at the fair, Wolf said their safety record is impeccable and hopes it stays that way.

"We've never had a major incident," he said. "We take the precautions. And hopefully we'll never have one."