Food Stamps Cut Affects Families in the CSRA

Food Stamps Cut Affects Families in the CSRA

It's weeks before the holiday season begins and folks in the CSRA may have less food on the table. On November 1st, the food stamp program will suffer from a $5 billion cut.

Rosa Magdaleno and her mother came to the Richmond County Department of Family and Children Services to apply for food stamps. Magdaleno said her family of six is just getting by. The holiday season already has their budget tight and she's afraid that they won't receive snap benefits because of the billion dollar budget slash.

"Everyone is trying to help in the family, like my brothers and my sisters by working," said Madaleno.

Starting next Friday, millions of Americans who rely on food stamps will see a change in their benefits. On November 1st, food stamp benefits will be cut. CNN reproted that more than 47 million people currently receive  food stamps. The average person receives a little over $130 a month.

According to the Georgia's Department of Human Services, that means 1.9 million residents here in Georgia will experience a 5% reduction.  Augusta resident Andreka Bush says its only 5%, but for a single mother, every little bit counts.

"It's kind of, kind of hard for me, I don't get many hours at work, and that's going to cut into us eating and everything, and that's real important to me and my kids," said Bush.

People like bush can count on groups like the Golden Harvest Food Bank, who will be helping those in the CSRA that are impacted by the cuts. The food bank's marketing manager, Tanika Mason said that she knows this time of year is difficult for families.

"Our biggest thing is getting the word out, we're trying to um, make sure people know that we're here. We're trying to get donations in to get the food back to the people," Mason said.