Freeze warning in effect

Freeze warning in effect

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The National Weather Service (NWS) has expanded a freeze warning to CSRA, predicting temperatures may fall into the lower 30s beginning Friday night.

"This is our first freeze warning. It was a watch yesterday," said Pam Tucker, director of Columbia County EMA.

Cold temperatures could mean problems inside and outside and the simplest thing in your yard could cause one of the biggest disasters.

"If people have their automatic sprinklers set, then any water that does come out and flows into the road is going to freeze on the road. To motorists it will look like water but it's actually going to be black ice. Everything out there will be frozen," Tucker said.

As people remain indoors it's also important to carefully monitor your candles and space heaters.

"You do see an increase in the number of structure fires, primarily due to space heaters and having materials that are close to those that can catch on fire. I would ask people to please me cautious of space heaters right now."

And for those anticipating a snowy winter wonderland anytime soon it's all up in the air for now.

"Who knows this winter. You can never guess. You can never gauge it. If the temperature's right, if the moisture is here, then will get it. If it's not, we won't."

Tucker urges people who may need shelter tonight or any time during this season to call 211 and if you have general questions about what to do during the freeze warning call 311.

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