Suspect in assault of Aiken Co. sheriff has checkered past

Suspect in assault of Aiken Co. sheriff has checkered past

Nathan Lively is no stranger to deputies in Aiken County. Before getting into a scuffle with Sheriff Michael Hunt on Wednesday, the suspect had faced a variety of charges dating back to 2007.

Jail records show Lively was just released from the Aiken County Detention Center a little over two weeks ago.

Those same records show Lively was most recently arrested for forgery, last month; larceny and abuse of a vulnerable adult in 2012; and burglary in 2010.

"He's a suspect," explained Sheriff Hunt. "But that's it. He's a suspect. We have a lot to work out."

The Sheriff said investigators are now trying to confirm Lively as the perpetrator of recent burglaries and other crimes terrorizing residents along Belvedere-Clearwater Road.

"It's unnerving," said Jennifer Boyd, who works nearby. "It's up the road where we hear a lot of the burglaries are at. And so now a lot of people walk up and down the area and the Sheriff stops and asks, which is very good."

It's not everyday you see the top cop on the streets with patrolling deputies, but Hunt's force said he's just doing his job.

"Sheriff Hunt does believe in being out here, being amongst the people because he is the head of our agency, and he's going to be doing the same thing we're doing," said Capt. Eric Abdullah.

While the Sheriff's Office continues to investigate the burglaries, Lively faces charges of assault and third degree battery. A judge set his bond Thursday morning at almost $1100.