Richmond Co. Sheriff's Office selling about 1,500 guns to distributors

Richmond Co. Sheriff's Office selling about 1,500 guns to distributors

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - About 1,500 guns line the walls, sit on shelves and are piled in baskets in a display room at the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Richard Roundtree wanted to destroy the guns they'd seized but under Georgia law he can't, so he's putting them up for bid.

But the guns won't end up in just anyone's hands.

The bidding is only open to licensed gun distributors who went through the procurement process.

Friday distributors will size up the stockpile of hand guns, long guns, retired officer weapons and guns that aren't made anymore.

There are a few weapons that aren't for sale, such as guns that were used illegally and assault weapons.

The highest bidder will win the 1,500 guns sometime in November, according to Roundtree.

Roundtree says only one of the distributors who will be bidding Friday is based out of the CSRA.

This is the first gun auction ever for the Sheriff's department.

Roundtree says if this one goes well, there may be more because they have 3,500 more guns that they've accumulated over several decades.

Because this is a first, Roundtree isn't sure how much the guns are worth. But because of recent events he expects them to go for a good price.

"With the controversy on the gun issues that happened last year and earlier this year there was a big media awareness of guns in America so that tends to drive up prices of weapons," said Roundtree.

The money from the gun auction will go into the county's general fund.

Roundtree says he plans to ask commissioners for the money so he can put it toward his department.