Several CSRA high schools rattled by bomb threats

Several CSRA high schools rattled by bomb threats

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - There were some tense moments Wednesday afternoon at the Richmond County Academy when the school was evacuated and deputies searched the school for a bomb.

The bomb scare started when a student called 911 during the schools dismissal period and said he was being held hostage and that a teacher was threatening to blow up the school.

Deputies and K-9s searched the school but didn't find anything.

All the teachers at the school were accounted for.

Authorities don't know the identity of the student who called for help.

Students say they were never told there was a bomb threat they were just told to clear the building when the fire alarm went off.

Deputies say the incident is being investigated as a terroristic threats and acts case.

Investigators say they receive these threats quite often.

In an unrelated case, there was another bomb scare at North Augusta High School Wednesday.

Kyle Becnel, a senior at North Augusta High School, was arrested by North Augusta Public Safety after school officials found journal entries that he wrote about blowing up the school and killing himself.

Authorities searched his house and school locker but didn't find anything, according to Lt. Tim Thornton.

Becnel is charged with making a bomb threat.

Authorities say when they interviewed him he said he wouldn't follow through with his threats but Lt. Thornton says they arrested him to err on the side of caution.