Aiken Verizon store burglar in custody

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - The Aiken Department of Public Safety said they're looking to other law enforcement agencies in South Carolina for clues, after Ipads, Iphones, and other expensive electronics all went missing from a Verizon wireless store early Saturday morning.

Police have one suspect in custody, Destinee Stroman, but said she's not cooperating. Authorities said Stroman was spotted leaving out a back door at the Verizon Wireless store off Whiskey road.

Captain David Turno with the Aiken Department of Public Safety said,"When she took off from the store, officers pursued her, but there were other people in the store able to get away."

Stroman was arrested after the alarm in the store tipped off a nearby officer. She tried to get away and took off in her car. Captain Turno said that car is in their custody, too.

"We'll start processing it for fingerprints."

They hope those fingerprints and Stroman's arrest will lead to more people who have answers on where the stolen electronics went.

Captain Turno said,"Typically phone stores, Verizon type stores, are being hit. They're stealing brand new phones, Ipads, mini Ipads, and they're getting the items very quickly."

Captain Turno advises everyone to just keep their eyes open.

"Buyer beware, if you're going to buy electronic items, deal with a reputable location. Unsuspecting people may purchase something offline or at a yard sale."

Stroman is now charged with burglary, the unlawful carry of a handgun,  failure to stop for blue lights and not having a drivers license.


Aiken investigators said a woman is in custody after a Verizon store was burglarized around 3:55 Saturday morning.

Investigators said an alarm went off at the store and a nearby officer saw suspect Destinee Stroman leave out the back door. After a short pursuit, Stroman was taken into custody.

K9 units were brought in to look for another suspect, but that person has not been found.

Ipads, Ipad minis, Iphones and other smart phones were all stolen from the store.

Authorities tell Fox 54 they believe two other people could have been involved in the burglary.