Annual air show postponed because of shutdown

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - During this time of year, CSRA residents would be enjoying the annual Boshears Skyfest Air show but this year's celebration has been postponed because of the political standoff on Capitol Hill.

"This event has been scheduled for the third weekend in October for years now and it just seems like something is missing," said Becky Shealy, the event's spokesperson.

If you look on Daniel Field, you just may be able to guess what Shealy is referring to.

"We're sitting here looking out at this empty field and there should be tents, fences and cars all over that field and planes should be coming in and it's kind of an empty feeling in your gut right now," Shealy said.

This year's air show is a no go and it's all because of a single piece of paper.

"In order for us to have a show with aerobatic performances we have to have an air show waiver, which is a signed piece of paper that we get from the FAA."

So just where is that piece of paper?

"Unfortunately that piece of paper is sitting on someone's desk at the FAA office in the Atlanta area," said Shealy.

And up until Thursday morning those offices were closed because of the government shut down.

"There's no way we could have had an aerobatic show without that waiver."

There were talks of a show on a smaller scale.

"We had talked about possibly downgrading it to just a fly in, fly by. The aerobatic performers were willing to just kind of fly around. They weren't really excited about it."

So it's been rescheduled for next spring.