12th annual Patrick's Ride finishes in Augusta

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Patrick's Riders rested in the CSRA Saturday night, after they rode 130 miles from Savannah to Augusta for the fight against cancer.

It was the 12th annual Harvest Festival of Hope Double Metric Century Ride, or 'Patrick's Ride'. Riders like Angie LaPlant were riding with a purpose.

LaPlant said, "I rode today in honor of grandparents and family members who have passed away from cancer."

But for LaPlant, her 'Patrick's Ride' started months before she hopped on a bike with fundraising.

"I think a lot of people have done different things, appealing to family and friends, for me it was mostly Facebook posts."

Riders and officials set a goal of 67 thousand dollars and were close to 70 thousand by Saturday evening.

Development Manager for the Memorial Health Foundation Anne Cordeiro said, "Patrick Booton is the founder of Patrick's ride. He started this ride 12 years ago. Since then, we've raised over 300 thousand dollars to benefit cancer patients."

Survivors like Debbie Mobley said every mile means the world to those, like her, who were once patients.

"Three times over the last twenty years, I've survived very difficult bouts of cancer. I appreciate all these riders who rode for their loved ones and cancer survivors riding for themselves.  It shows grit and determination. That's something all survivors have to have."