What's in Lake Olmstead?

What's in Lake Olmstead?

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Trash on the land and trash in the water. It seems that everywhere you look around Lake Olmstead there's garbage.

"This is a scratch. There's plenty more out there," said Jay Jacobs, the Communications Director for the Savannah Riverkeeper.

Volunteers sought out to gather as much trash as they could today at the Savannah Riverkeeper's 12th annual Rivers Alive Waterway Cleanup.

"We're all trying to pitch in and do our part," said Dr. Donna Ware, a professor at GRU who volunteered with several of her students.

"I just really have to ask why? I just don't understand," Dr. Ware continued. "I don't understand why people do this."

But perhaps there's an answer. 

"A lot of it is basically not thinking past what's right in front of them and all of this is intertwined and all of this is inter-linked," Jacobs said.

"This is four hours on a Saturday, it only takes a little bit but it doesn't have to be just as a clean up. You can do it any time of year," said Tonya Bonitatibus, the Savannah Riverkeeper.

The 15 teams that volunteered found trash ranging from bottles to tires in the river.

"It would be really nice if people would stop disposing tires along our waterways. Not sure why that seems to be an attractant," said Bonitatibus.

Since Lake Olmstead flows right into the Augusta Canal, and then the Savannah River, volunteers hope their efforts have a far-reaching impact.