Richmond County bus drivers protest, say they'll keep asking for change

Richmond County Bus Drivers continue to ask for change

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - For Richmond County bus drivers, protesting is becoming almost as routine as their routes.

They gathered Tuesday night outside school board and protested for change. They told Fox 54 their pay has been cut, their hours have been scaled back, working conditions aren't OK—and they've had enough.

Bus drivers said they don't want to leave their jobs, but the board isn't budging on the things they said they need to survive.

One bus driver said, "I'm grateful I have some money coming in, but when you don't have enough to run to the end of the month, what can you do?"

Richmond County School Superintendent Dr. Frank Roberson told Fox 54 September 24th  he and his staff were working on the problem. He said some of the drivers' pay may have been lower due to mandatory payroll deductions and that they planned on looking into driver concerns further.

But bus drivers said they haven't heard any of that and don't know what to think.

One bus driver said, "All we're asking the school board for is respect, step into our shoes, just listen to us."

Listening they say they'll keep demanding until a change happens.

One bus driver said, "I'm a fighter. I'm not a quitter."

Fox 54 reached out to school board members, but they did not return our phone calls.