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Antonio Banderas back steering the ship for Spongebob film


The second day of filming for "Spongebob Squarepants 2" drew crowds on Broughton Street.  

Antonio Banderas, who plays the lead pirate in the part live action film was on his pirate ship again on Broughton Street. 

There are 1,300 extras from the area in the film, 350 security and safety personal and a significant part of the production crew was hired locally. WTOC spoke to people working behind the scenes who say it's neat to be able to work on a major production in their hometown.

"It's great to be on a show this large at home. It's pretty awesome. I think being a lot local had a lot to me getting it," said Matthew Dixon, who's working on the film. He added that he can't wait to see his name in a theater and hopes this is a good stepping stone for him.

"There is a good amount I am always happy to see local faces on a big production like this. A lot of people did come from outside the state but we do have a lot of local people. They got good positions and pay. So I am happy about that," said William Hammargren, an interim film services administrator. 

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