TB case at A. R. Johnson

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The third case of TB this year has been identified in Richmond County schools but health officials said they are already making sure this doesn't spread.

"We conducted a skin test at A. R. Johnson and based on that routine testing, we've identified a student that was positive for the bacteria - or at least positive for exposure," said Emmitt Walker of the Richmond County Health Department.

"This has not been confirmed," Walker continued. "This is only an initial test, which is a skin test, that has indicated that this student has been exposed to the bacteria. It's not confirmed that the student has active TB."

Parents were notified immediately and more testing is scheduled for anyone who's been in close contact with the student. But health officials say: don't panic.

"Should you be worried, no? Keep in mind that TB is treatable."  

According to government health officials, some symptoms of TB include bad coughs, pain in the chest and weakness or fatigue.

Treatment for the TB disease can be treated by taking several drugs, usually for 6 to 9 months.

And if you're concerned that this is somehow related to the Glenn Hills case that happened last month, "We have no evidence that there is any connection at all," Walker said.

11 people tested positive for TB at Glenn Hills high and health officials say they will soon have a number for A. R. Johnson.