Barrow: "No end in sight" for government shutdown

EVANS, GA (WFXG) - Heated words came from several people as dozens of constituents packed the Columbia County government complex to hear their Congressman address the government shutdown.

"I'm working with folks on both sides of the aisle to try to bring this shutdown to a quick resolution," said Rep. John Barrow. "I think it's been a mistake in policy and direction and I'm trying to resolve it as a quickly as I can."

Billed as a Congress on the Corner event for the 12th district, the goal here was to get as many questions answered as possible. But, so many people showed up, that time quickly ran out. However, the clock is still ticking for this federal shutdown, and Barrow said there's no telling when it will stop.

"So far there's no end in sight," he said. "Each side is putting its back up, and unwilling to compromise."

Congressman Barrow said he's doing his best to get places like Fort Gordon and the Savannah River Site back in order, but he did promise the crowd something in the interim.

"I'm donating my pay for every day the government is shutdown to the Augusta Warrior Project, and I'm calling on all my colleagues to do something like that as well," said Barrow. "Because if they're not feeling the pain while this is going on, they're having fun, and that's wrong."