Furloughed employee reacts to government shutdown

We are in the third day of the government shutdown and those at Fort Gordon said they are feeling the pain of the furloughs.

Defense Department civilian employee Edward Toelle reported for duty Tuesday at Ford Gordon only to get his federal furlough notice.

"It was done as well as it could be done," Toelle said.

He wasn't paid for Tuesday and he won't be paid for as long as the government shutdown lasts.

"I draw half enough to pay half of a house payment, every two weeks," said Toelle.

But this Vietnam vet, now a clerk on base, said he'll be ok, but he worries about his fellow civilian employees.

"There's people, with families that they're hurting - for what reason? 'Well I don't like Obamacare.' I may not like it either. Was it passed as law? Did I say as am American citizen say I would obey the law? It's law, you take it."

Many members of congress are pledging to donate their salaries during the shutdown to charity but Toelle says that's just not good enough.

"Stop nitpicking. Get in there. Pass the bill. Sit down at the table. Open the government back up. Once and for all, just open it up. Put everybody back to work."

And he has a message for all elected officials.

"Any incumbent, for the next six years, I will not vote for. They don't need to be in office. None of them."

In the meantime, Toelle says he will find things to do around to house to keep himself busy.

"Odd stuff I don't normally get to do, I can do now. I'm using the time. I'm not just sitting around saying 'woe is me.'"

But he hopes to return to work soon.