ACA web site causes frustration

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Millions of people across the country and right here at home, beginning on Tuesday, tried to shop for health insurance on the new online system but the process didn't begin too well.

Technical glitches on the government's web site was the main culprit.

People vented their frustrations on HealthCare.Gov's Facebook Page.  Their social media team did it's best to reply, addressing those concerns.

The most common reply was that because so many people were attempting to access the site at once, the traffic overwhelmed the web site. There were also issues of creating accounts.

So, I decided to attempt to create an account.

The first screen that prompted us was a page that explained that traffic was so high, we wouldn't be able to fill out the questionnaire right away. After 50 minutes of waiting, I was on my way to filling out all the necessary information.

I then came to a page that asked for security questions but all the options were blanked. I put in a few passwords and the next page said the system was unavailable.

I immediately took to Facebook to see if someone would reply but after 30 minutes I didn't receive a response.

Their Facebook account said they are in the process of taking measures to deal with the high volume and they've put a reminder that you have until December 15th to sign up for coverage beginning on January 1st.