Belvedere woman creates contest to give away a house

Carolyn Brooks said she got the idea to give away her house from a movie.

"The character in the movie did her diner that way. She sold the diner like that and I just thought about it and thought it would work," Brooks said.

Brooks and her husband inherited a Belvedere house after her husband's parents died 10 years ago but since they already own a home she is looking to give it to a family in need.

"I want somebody to be able to move into that maybe has 2 or 3 kids and that's really struggling to have a house to call their own," Brooks continued.

In fact, that family will be her neighbors as Brooks lives right across the street from the house.

Between now and December 31st Brooks is taking applications. She's advertised her contest on Facebook and Craigslist, calling for all interested people to write an essay on why they need the house and an application fee of $100 dollars.

"I'm not going to scam anybody. That's why I put my name, address and phone number on there," Brooks said.

She said they are trying to raise enough money to pay off this house to be able to give it to a family free of charge.

"I know what it's like. We were almost evicted ourselves. So I want to be able to generate enough money through this contest to pay to pay the house off to be able to give it somebody."

Brooks said they are trying to raise about $60,000 and is also hoping to use some of the funds to pay for new utilities for the house like a refrigerator and a washer and dryer.


351 Edisto Dr

Belvedere, SC.29841.

3 bedroom, 2 Bath (with privacy fence)


Write a one page essay along with a $100.00 entry fee, telling me why you should be the winner of the house.

Send the Essay and entry fee to:

Carolyn L. Brooks

348 Edisto Dr

Belvedere SC, 29841