Richmond County Commission heading back to drawing board Monday

Richmond County Commission will head back to the drawing board Monday, September 30th,
after plans to designate 594 acres of downtown a 'slum' in exchange for tax-exempt bonds were reconsidered.

But Farmhaus General Manager Darby Carpenter said he hasn't reconsidered his stance on any of it.

"I don't think the issue is the slum designation. I think the issue really is, it's sort of a cheap way to get free money from the government. We don't think Augusta should have to degrade itself."

Carpenter agrees, downtown needs work. But he wants to see business owners pitch in before the city does.

"Cleaning the sidewalks, blowing the sidewalks, re mulching. Even though it's city property, do it yourself and make it look better."

Patrons like Malorie Kennedy agree, downtown needs work, but says the work would be useless work if downtown was known as a slum.

"I do think it would hurt business and tourism absolutely. Nobody wants to take a trip to the slum."