Soldiers come home after 9-month deployment

FORT GORDON, GA (WFXG) - Hundreds gathered at Fort Gordon today, waiting for their heroes to arrive. It was a homecoming for the 67th Expeditionary Signal Battalion.

"It feels real good," said Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Calondra Fortson. "It feels real good to be back in the United States."

Fortson said days like this makes her appreciate her family even more.

"Sometimes you take stuff for granted but these deployments help us appreciate what we have," Fortson said.

Fortson led nearly 200 soldiers throughout the Middle East for the past 9 months and today, they came home.

Fortson said family is what she missed the most and her husband says that feeling is mutual.

"I was overly excited," said David Fortson. "I was over come with joy to finally see my wife after this 9-month deployment."  

It wasn't easy but David says his family somehow managed.

"We did our best to stay busy. We remained regimented. We had a daily routine we stuck to as best as we could, in order to make the time go by and keep the kids occupied," David said.

And after the 9-month separation, the Fortsons already have in mind how they will celebrate.

"We're going to eat," laughed David.

The thought that they could be deployed again sits in the back of these soldiers mind but Calondra said she is going to enjoy this moment with her family.