Richmond County bus drivers gather, demand change

Unhappy Richmond County School bus drivers want change

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - At least 30 Richmond County School bus drivers met Sunday night to talk about their next route. Drivers like Caroneta Williams said they're fighting tough working conditions reduced hours.

She's been a Richmond County School bus driver for 15 years. But now, Williams is fed up.

"Our time has been cut. I only get 6.75 hours a day."

Williams says those cut hours are cutting into her paycheck, by 200 to 300 dollars a month.

But Williams isn't alone. At least 30 other bus drivers say they're suffering too.

President of the Local 239 Bus Drivers Union Sallie Thomas said, "We have discussed how to handle the situation here today and come to a united front. The way their pay is being affected, the way they are being treated, the working conditions; we're going to show this board of education they need to be doing something."

Williams say she's hopeful a change will happen soon, for everyone.

"We can put our request on paper and hopefully the school board will come work with us, compromise and listen to some of the problems."

Fox 54 has been told three Richmond County bus drivers quit Friday, September 20th. Drivers have scheduled their next meeting at the Henry Brigham Community Center for 6P.M., October 7th.