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Univ. of Alabama sorority offers bid to African American student

Halle Lindsay tweeted this message Friday. Source: Twitter Halle Lindsay tweeted this message Friday. Source: Twitter

University of Alabama President Dr. Judy Bonner says campus sororities have offered 72 bids in the recent rush process and 14 bids have gone to minorities.

This comes after allegations of racial discrimination during this semester's bidding process and Dr. Bonner's directive to re-open bidding.

So far, four African American students two other minority students accepted bids from traditionally white sororities at the University of Alabama.

Halle Lindsay, took to Twitter this afternoon to say, "This is so surreal and exciting. I love my sisters already...and happy to be an Alpha Gam."

One of her sorority sisters posted a picture to Instagram saying she's proud to have Lindsay as a new Alpha Gamma Delta.

This month, the University of Alabama has made national headlines after multiple women spoke up about two African American women who were blocked from joining sororities because of their race.

Since then, administrators have asked sororities to re-open bidding.

University President Dr. Judy Bonner released a video statement, updating the campus on the progress of efforts to diversify sororities:

"I want to provide you with an update on the progress we have made on the issue of sorority integration...

We have taken the first steps toward removing barriers and ensuring access and opportunity throughout our Greek community...

I am confident that we will achieve our objective of a Greek system that is inclusive, accessible and welcoming to students of all races and ethnicities. Below is the transcript of that video:


The process of continuous open bidding is already yielding positive results.

Our Panhellenic sororities have issued 72 bids this week.

Eleven African American women received bids. Three bids went to other minorities. Eighteen bids have already been accepted. Four of those bids were accepted by African American women and two by other minorities...Additionally, others are considering accepting bids.

While some sororities are farther along than others, I am encouraged that chapter members are proactively reaching out to a diverse group of women...

The process of open continuous bidding will continue, and we will see these numbers increase over the next few weeks.

The administration, faculty, staff, students and alumni of The University of Alabama will continue to support these efforts, now and in the future...

Let me reiterate...WE ARE going to create and sustain an environment that enables our students to be successful in the academic and social aspects of their college life. This will fulfill our primary mission to prepare and equip them to be successful throughout their lives and careers...

Let me emphasize that WE ARE taking the steps necessary to make systemic and lasting change. As your president, it makes me proud to know that the UA family has embraced and is working together to achieve this goal.

We have reached this point because of the efforts of so many of our administrators, students, faculty, staff and alumni who have and continue to work diligently to uphold our values and our expectations of access and opportunity....

Thank you for your commitment, your love for this University and your determination to work together to seize this opportunity.

This campus WILL BE a place of inclusion and opportunity for all. We WILL CONTINUE to make progress. We WILL DO the right thing, for the right reason, the right way.

Thank you for your willingness to support positive change in a positive way."

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