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AZ Lottery replacing tickets over computer glitch


While many of you spent part of the day dreaming about this week's big Powerball jackpot, a recent computer glitch prompted the Arizona Lottery to issue replacement tickets for the Pick 3 contest. And one Valley man said it's costing him nearly $100.

With the Pick 3 contest, you pick three lucky numbers; but for many players, the numbers eight and nine weren't so lucky because a glitch in the computer system prevented them from being drawn. 

"I play the lottery every day," said Robert Melton. "It's everyone's dream to possibly win a lottery and take care of your family."

And although Melton has been testing his luck, spending about $10 a day, it was all for naught between June 10 and Aug. 3. 

That's because the numbers eight and nine were not able to be drawn in certain positions, and Melton's favorite numbers to play are seven, eight and nine. He figures he's out about $96. 

"I might as well have just threw my money away," Melton said. 

"7.7 percent of the tickets couldn't be selected as winners," said Jeff Hatch-Miller, the executive director of the Arizona Lottery. He said since this glitch was discovered, they've replaced almost 24,000 tickets worth $65,000. 

But thanks to state rules requiring they issue duplicate replacement tickets, they need the originals to do that - originals that many people, like Melton, threw out. 

"For those people that didn't keep their tickets, and there are some of them, for sure, our hearts go out to them, we wish we had a way to solve the problem, but we don't," Hatch-Miller said.

The numbers are drawn digitally in Iowa, and Hatch-Miller said it's just cheaper to do it that way. Players have until Sept. 30 to get their replacement tickets. For more information, visit:

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