Teen 'senselessly' stabbed to death over PlayStation

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Wiping away the tears streaming down her face, Vonda Sanders apologizes over and over for becoming a train wreck.

White knuckled from gripping her family members tightly, she finds comfort in their arms after losing her oldest child and only son Datravious Hoskins.

She says she's taking her 18-year-old son's death especially hard because of why he was killed.

"My son's life was taken over a video game, very senseless," she said.

Hoskins was stabbed to death by 15-year-old Zemartae Davis over a PlayStation 3, according to Richmond County investigators.

Sanders believes three lives ended when her son died Tuesday.

"You threw your life away and you took my life at the same time," Sanders, said referring to Davis.

Hoskins' family says he bought a PlayStation 3 from Davis for $45 about 3 weeks ago.

They say Davis started asking Hoskins to pay him more money for the PlayStation when he was at a friend's house in the neighborhood.

When Hoskins said he already paid what they agreed to, Davis stabbed him in the chest with a kitchen knife, according to Sanders.

They say he started stumbling home but never made it.

His family walked past the blood stained blacktop as they traced his last steps down Neptune Drive Wednesday.

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office charged Davis as an adult with murder. Sanders says he took away her sons chance of becoming an adult.

"He wanted to go into the service. He wanted to own his own business so he could retire me. That will never happen, that will never happen because of a video game," she said.

Hoskins would've graduated in May from Butler High School.

Sanders hasn't made funeral arrangements because she's waiting for Hoskins' autopsy to be completed.